“I have several of Rosalind Marchant’s prints on the walls of my house, alongside a number of mainly abstract paintings and prints by other artists in the South West. Her etchings appeal to me because of her strong use of colour which makes them arresting and invigorating but not unsettling. They catch the eye and invite visual exploration. I also like the forms she uses, which have a figurative source but dissolve into abstraction so the images can be landscapes or abstract plays of colour, depending on how I catch them. My most recent purchase from Rosalind was “Westward 2” which is about to go up on my office wall. It’s a BIG print – one of the biggest she has printed – and I love it. Size does matter!”

Colin Palmer; Engineer and Businessman.

“What strikes one immediately about Rosalind Marchant’s work is the joy it conveys – the joy of colour, the joy of making marks and the joy of process. For it is through the etching process that all her work is conceived, crafted, shaped and honed. ‘I do battle with the forces of process’, she says and this comment accurately describes the energy and commitment that are vital elements in the making of her work. Add to this the meticulous colour mixing, the perpetual self-questioning and the readiness to go with the happy accidents that the acid can deliver, and you have Rosalind and her work in a nutshell.”

Bronwen Bradshaw, RWA (Royal West of England Academy); Artist Printmaker